Making Sure Everyone Is Safe & Sound
The Building Division is under the direction of the Planning & Engineering Department and is managed daily by Chief Building Official James Gentry.  

Our Mission
The primary mission of the Building Division is to serve the public in matters of Building Code enforcement and construction project review and observation related to such Code enforcement.

Code Enforcement
This office also enforces other violations of the City of Southaven Code of Ordinances where assigned to this office and as warranted. Our mission normally concludes with the completed construction of a generally code compliant structure for use in residential or commercial application as appropriate. This mission may also result in the abatement of unsafe or otherwise inappropriate structures where structural circumstances leave the property in a condition that is unsafe to the public health and welfare.

Cross-Departmental Reliance
This office works closely with the Fire Prevention Division to provide review and inspection services for new construction as well as projects in existing structures. This office also works with Planning and Engineering to help assure that their important concerns are addressed to their satisfaction and that they have the opportunity to monitor any such concerns for individual projects.