Home-Based Businesses

Applying for a License
To obtain a home-based business license, the applicant must fill out the standard Business License Application. The applicant must also read and sign off on the Restrictions for Home Occupations form. Both of these forms must be returned to the City Clerk’s Office:
City Hall
8710 Northwest Dr.
Southaven, MS 38671

A photo ID will be required before the license application will be processed. Other restrictions apply.

Approval & Processing
The Business License Application must be approved by the Office of Planning and Development before it can be processed by the City Clerk’s Office. The approval process usually takes only a few minutes, and normally can be accomplished at the same time the license is processed by the City Clerk’s personnel.

Please pay special attention to the restrictions listed in the Restrictions for Home Occupations document. Only family members residing on the premises may participate in such occupation. No other employees are allowed. Also, if the license applicant is not the homeowner or lessee, then a notarized written statement must be provided with the application granting the applicant permission to operate said business.

Contact Us
For more information, contact City Clerk Andrea Mullen at (662) 280-6554.