Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Southaven Police Department is to maintain a proactive approach to crime prevention and the protection of its citizens. This endeavor includes working within existing formed partnerships, as well as forging additional partnerships within the community.
Command Staff 2022

Area Partnerships

Our community partnerships with businesses, churches, schools and residents allow the Southaven Police Department to provide fair and impartial police services in a professional manner. This allows us to maintain public peace and improve the overall quality of life for the community.
Goss 08.02.21

Free Fingerprinting for Children

We ask that if you do not have a set of your child’s fingerprints, please visit one of our displays that are set up periodically in the community and at certain River Kings hockey games.

This project is of no cost to you, and you keep your child’s prints for safekeeping. Not only would they be valuable should something ever happen to your child, but they will also serve as a precious keepsake once your child has grown up.

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