Providing More Effective Law Enforcement Through Technology

Technology at the Southaven Police Department has become a necessity in our arsenal of tools to fight crime.

We use this technology in almost every aspect of law enforcement and crime prevention every day from the publishing and distribution of accident reports, monitoring of traffic cameras, research and analysis for investigations, to the research of new technologies to enhance our abilities to fight crime more effectively.

The Technology Department has grown exponentially since its establishment. The entire network in place now has quadrupled in size from the time of its inception. The back-end of the network has since grown to 10 times its initial size.

Our Role as Force Multipliers
Technologies provided by this Department that are in use now, and those set for future use, are referred to as force multipliers. A force multiplier is a factor that dramatically increases the effectiveness of an item or group. The role of the Technology Department is to be a force multiplier by providing all divisions of the Southaven Police Department the ability to perform their jobs more effectively - no matter where they are.

Contact Us
For more information, contact the Southaven Police Technology Department at (662) 393-8654.