Technology Division - Recent Accomplishments

Fiscal Year 2009 in Review
Here are a few of the recent accomplishments of the Southaven Police Technology Department: 
  • Installation and implementation of network security through the use of controls, training, and deployment of security initiatives to protect sensitive data, victims, suspects, and the general public
  • Implementation of a network to include mobile field users, LAN users, and WAN users to four-times the size it was prior to the development of the Technology Department
  • Provision of 24/7 support year-round to maintain a network with 90% or better up-time and no loss of data, sometimes working around the clock to implement new technologies or find solutions to problems as they arose
  • Management of a multi-million-dollar software and infrastructure project to connect five distinct agencies together to allow for better interoperability by acting as a liaison between the agencies for problem resolution and planning of deployment 
  • Successfully written grants totaling almost $2 million to help fund technology initiatives to better protect the general public in DeSoto County 
  • Management and implementation of a wireless network covering DeSoto County independent of internet service Providers 
  • Implementation of a vast network of surveillance cameras throughout DeSoto County in conjunction with Mississippi Department of Transportation so as to provide better traffic control and multiply force assets of the Southaven Police Department 
  • Maintenance of a secure link between the Southaven Police Department and FBI network to provide data as provided by the FBI for use by field personnel 
  • Provision of assistance to the Child Exploitation Task Force and the Computer Crimes Task Force as needed in investigations of computer crimes through expertise and knowledge gained through formal education, various seminars involving subject matter and experience
  • Investigating technology including, but not limited to, MySpace, Facebook, and Second Life
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