Keeping Our Roadways Safe

The Traffic Division was established to provide better services to our citizens and visitors as they travel our streets and highways.

The Traffic Division consists of both marked patrol cars and motorcycles.


The functions of the Traffic Division are many, and below are only a few of those important responsibilities:

  • Working the traffic accidents that occur on our roadways - Our traffic officers have received advanced training in accident investigation and some officers have furthered their training and have become accident reconstructionists.
  • Enforcing Mississippi and City of Southaven traffic laws - This is an important task that they carry out in an effort to reduce accidents.
  • Assisting the Patrol Division and the school crossing guards in directing traffic at school crossing locations within the City
  • Monitoring schools zones for speeding violations


Be Safe

The officers assigned to the Traffic Division work hard and are dedicated not only to making the City safe, but also to monitoring public safety on the streets. They want to remind everyone to buckle up, drive defensively, and have a safe journey. It is better to get to your destination a minute or two late than to not get there at all.

Contact Us

We welcome your assistance by letting us know of any complaints about traffic safety problems or enforcement problems. Please contact Police Chief Macon Moore at (662) 393-8652 to let us know of your concerns or requests.