Warrant / Fugitive

Taking into Custody Wanted Individuals

The Warrant / Fugitive Division is a valuable part of the Southaven Police Department. This Division alleviates pressure that would normally be placed on Communications, Patrol, Detectives, and office personnel, thus freeing them to concentrate more fully on their specific area of public service to the citizens and guests of Southaven.

The Warrant / Fugitive Division strives to ensure that subjects who have an active warrant are taken into custody and given their day in court. This Division works a variety of hours to enhance the chance of taking into custody wanted individuals.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Focus on the management and execution of criminal arrest warrants
  • Attempt to locate the fugitive’s home address, phone numbers, and workplace
  • Use all avenues available that might bring about the arrest of wanted subjects
  • Receive and update all new information discovered about a fugitive
  • Attempt to take into custody all fugitives in the Southaven jurisdiction
  • Inform and work in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies when we have a wanted subject in their jurisdiction
  • Coordinate the extradition and transportation of wanted subjects back to our jurisdiction
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies in the apprehension of their fugitives in Southaven’s jurisdiction

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Warrant / Fugitive Division or inquiries concerning active warrants, contact the Southaven Police Department at (662) 393-8652.

Wanted Person Tip Line

If you believe you know of a wanted person in the Southaven area and would like to leave a tip, please email the Warrant / Fugitive Division or call (662) 393-8652.