Water Meter Upgrade Project

Southaven Utilities is actively responding to our customers’ demand for more accurate bills. Our plan is to provide the most reliable possible measurement of our customers’ water use by installing advanced metering technology. With this Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), our customers’ water consumption will be transmitted remotely, securely, and directly to Southaven Utilities on a daily basis.

What is AMI?
AMI stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, called AMI for short. With AMI, every customer meter within Southaven will be able to reliably measure the use of water in your home or business and automatically send a brief, private, digital message to the City’s Advanced Metering Analytics software to collect and store the meter reads. The data will then be transferred to the City where the information will be processed within its billing system.

Why is Southaven adopting AMI?
Installing automated meters will enhance our customer service by minimizing the potential for missed or inaccurate reads, allowing our customers to once again have absolute trust in the bills they receive. We are excited to take on AMI because it will enable us to provide faster service, better information, and reliable billing for all our customers. It will even eliminate the need for someone to come onto your property for manual meter readings, increasing the privacy of your home.

How does AMI affect me?
AMI technology ensures that customers pay only for the water they use – no more and no less. It is important to understand that as some water meters age, they can run slower and under-register water use. When we change out your current meter with the new meter, the first bill may be higher simply because the new meter is measuring more precisely.

How much will the upgrade cost me?
There is no cost to customers for the AMI upgrade.

How will AMI benefit me?
By ensuring that your bill is based on actual usage. In addition, AMI improves accuracy, eliminating the potential for human error in manual meter reading and can help to identify any irregularities in water usage such as leaks. Also, the AMI system will help reduce the variability of the number of billing days that can occur with manually read meter routes. However, during this project, you may notice a fluctuation in the number of billing days on your bills.

How will I know that you have my meter reading and not someone else's?
The endpoint that sends your meter reading has a unique identifier that is transmitted along with the read data. This identifier is compared electronically to your account record to ensure that the meter reading matches the meter assigned to your account.

Is my account information secure?
Your account information is secure. Data transmitted through the system is protected and proprietary communication protocols are used.

Are there any potential health concerns with the radio frequency signal?
No. The power of the radio frequency signal used is too low to pose a health risk. The products that make up the AMI system are stringently evaluated for safety and meet all standards established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The technology selected by the City of Southaven sends a signal that can be compared to a cellular text message.

Will the radio frequency signal interfere with my television, computer, cordless phone, garage door, pacemaker or other electronic devices?
No. The technology operates as a very low-powered signal that is regulated by the FCC against interference. It is unlikely that it will interfere with the operation of other electronic devices.

Will there be any difference in the delivery or quality of water after my meter upgrade?
No. You will continue to enjoy the same high-quality water you have come to expect from the City of Southaven.

What if I have question about the last meter read before my upgrade?
Digital photographs will be taken of the last meter reading, should any questions arise. The installer will provide these photographs to the City of Southaven and our utility billing staff will have this information available to answer your questions.

How is the installation done?
The installer will locate your meter box containing your water meter. For residential customers, replacing the water meter will require installers to turn off the water briefly. This allows installers to remove the old meter and install a new one. Water service may be interrupted for commercial customers as well. When the new meter is installed, the installer will test the meter to ensure that it is operational.

When will my installation occur?
Field work is beginning in January, 2021 and is schedule to be complete in October, 2021. The work will be completed in stages determined by the Contractor's construction plan. Determining exactly when your specific meter installation will occur is not possible at this time; however, you will be notified between 48 and 72 hours prior to work starting on your meter.

How will I be notified of the installation?
Between 48 and 72 hours prior to installation, crews will attempt to contact you for notification and will leave a door hanger if you are not present. On the day the work is schedule, another attempt to contact you will be made to notify you that the water supply will be temporarily interrupted.

How long will installation take?
In most instances, installation should take less than thirty minutes. Some installations may take longer.