About Us

The Detective Division is comprised of nineteen full-time detectives who are divided into seven specialized squads:

  • Property Crime Squad
  • Financial Crime Squad
  • Major Case Squad
  • Narcotics & Gangs Squad
  • Special Victims Squad
  • Juvenile Crime Squad
  • Technical Support Squad

Division Duties

The most recognizable duties of a detective include receiving reports prepared by patrol officers and performing the appropriate follow-up investigations. Detectives must be able to identify, preserve, and collect evidence at a crime scene. They prepare reports for use within the various court systems - City, County, State, and federal. They must testify in court and give accurate and detailed testimony relative to the results of criminal investigations. They must interview witnesses and interrogate suspects, prepare formal statements, and arrest persons suspected of committing crimes based on probable cause or by warrant. 

Detectives are called to address criminal activity in a variety of ways, including:

  • Investigating crime scenes
  • High visibility plain-clothes work
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Conducting search warrants
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Conducting undercover operations
  • Narcotics Interdiction
  • Preparing narcotics-related civil and criminal forfeiture cases
  • Collecting, archiving, and disseminating criminal intelligence 
  • Acting as a legislative analyst for proposed laws in the City of Southaven and the State of Mississippi

Contact Us

If you wish to provide information to the Southaven Police Department regarding criminal activity within the City of Southaven, you can request to remain anonymous, and you do not have to leave your name.

  • Email your tips to the Southaven Police Department at
  • Or contact DeSoto County Crime Stoppers at (662)429-8477.

For more information, contact ISU Supervisor Captain Bryan Rosenberg at (662)253-9250 or