Crime Scene Unit/Property & Evidence

About Us

The Crime Scene Unit is a support unit that comprises two full-time crime scene technicians. They assist with processing major crime scenes and maintain the secure storage of all property and evidence.

 Unit Duties

  • Document crime scenes and collect evidence
  • Process crime scenes using forensic tools and assist detectives with reconstructing the events surrounding the crime
  • Ensure that all evidence is packaged correctly and kept secure
  • Ensure a detailed account of the locations for all evidence
  • Transport evidence to various laboratories for analysis
  • Prepare reports for use within the various court systems
  • Testify in court and give accurate and detailed testimony relative to the results of crime scene investigations and evidence custody details
  • Conduct periodic audits of all property and evidence in the department’s custody 
Crime Scene Van

Contact Us

For evidence pick-up, contact Property & Evidence at (662)393-8652.

For more information, contact ISU Supervisor Captain Bryan Rosenberg at (662)253-9250 or