Aug 03

First Tribute Hall Honoree, Chief Vernon McCammon

Posted on August 3, 2022 at 2:56 PM by Melitta Duncan

It’s time to celebrate our history!  One of my goals has been to honor the people in our history who’ve contributed exemplary efforts in making Southaven a great place to live.  When City Hall was renovated in 2020, we incorporated a new design for a tribute hall that will be further adjoined to a new archive library near the entrance of the building.  This is a great, high-profile location to honor our people and our history.


There could not have been an easier decision by our Board of Aldermen and me than to make the very first honoree, Chief Vernon McCammon.  Chief McCammon joined the Southaven Fire Department as a volunteer in October, 1968, twelve years before our city’s incorporation.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1971, then Chief in 1974.  While serving as Fire Chief in the mid-1970s, he also joined the inaugural team who created the first-ever EMS service in Desoto County.  When Southaven became a city in April, 1980, he was the obvious choice and became the first, official Fire Chief in the City of Southaven.  He served the City as Fire Chief during monumental growth years, meeting the public safety needs of our citizens from the early days of one fire station and red, land-line fire phones, to pagers, then to the most modern technology and four fire stations when he retired in October, 2006.  During this time, he hired and mentored hundreds of men and women who’ve followed his outstanding model of service. 


Chief McCammon has been interwoven into the fibers of Southaven since he moved here with his wife in the 1960s, raising his family here, helping build facilities, and extending a helping hand to whomever, whenever there has been a need.


Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Chief and asked him what he thought the key was to his success as a leader.  His response was, “I’m a people person”.  Indeed you are, Sir!  Thank you for your service and congratulations!


Jun 16

Pepper Chase Road Extension

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 4:31 PM by Melitta Duncan

One of my privileges as Mayor is to drive our city when my schedule allows and watch progress.  I love doing this and took this photo this week!


The extension of Pepper Chase Road is underway and making significant progress.  I’ve been pleading with MDOT and the state of Mississippi for nine years to fund and complete the I-55 Widening Project which would include the widening of Church Road and rework the Church Road Interchange to mitigate tremendous traffic congestion.  These discussions are still underway, but while battling this problem, we capitalized on the opportunity to secure some state funding from the Mississippi Development Authority because of safe access needs of the new Medline development.  We know that extending Pepper Chase southward will provide some relief to the congestion in this area.  This is a $4.1 million project that received $3.6 million from MDA with the balance being funded by Desoto County and the City of Southaven.  This connection will begin where Pepper Chase currently ends parallel to I-55 on the southeast corner of the Landers Center.  It will proceed southward parallel to I-55 past Medline and tie-in with new signalization to Highway 51 just north of Star Landing Rd.  When completed late this year, another escape route will be available during Landers Center events and daily to clear this congested area.


Thanks again to MDA and Desoto County for assisting the City of Southaven with this much-needed project!

Pepper Chase

Jun 16

Historical Marker Signs

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 3:21 PM by Melitta Duncan

Celebrating our History!


Have you ever noticed that you don’t see many historical markers in Southaven? Most cities in America use signs to tell the story about special places in their history.  Southaven is just 42 years old, which is actually very young for a city, but even still we have some special places that have historical value.  These signs truly do “tell the story” and bring back special memories for many of our citizens.  Our city has grown tremendously since our inception, so many of our citizens are not even aware of much of our history.  These signs will provide historical education for these citizens and increase pride in “our story” for many.


In the near future, we will install signs similar to the one shown in the attached photo at historical locations.  Obviously, these locations will be where Southaven started in our early years.  Just to name a few, many will know “the story” of special locations such as:


The Donnie Woods Field


The Jaycee Pool


“The Hole” at Caprock Cove Park


Cherry Valley Park


The Jago Community


“The Tree” on Stateline Road


The Chickasaw Indian Trail


We have a great city now with a great past also!  Let’s celebrate our history! 

Historical Marker