Mar 22

Neighborhood Park Enhancement Project

Posted on March 22, 2023 at 9:24 AM by Darren Musselwhite

Recently, the Board of Aldermen accepted the lowest bid of $2,834,002.13 to begin a massive enhancement of numerous neighborhood parks throughout our city.  This project is part of an aggressive, larger-scale plan to take our successful parks system in Southaven to an even greater plateau, further improving our recreational value in appealing to even more citizens.  During my time as Mayor since mid-2013, we’ve invested over $35 million into our parks and recreation system.  The overwhelming majority of this funding has come from the 1% restaurant tourism tax.  Many of the previous expenditures have been expansion projects that added opportunities for new recreations for our citizens while also enhancing tourism appeal which has subsidized our parks operation and added relief to the general fund burden.  Our plan has been enormously successful both from an amenities and financial standpoint.   Now, we’re in a position to make a tremendous investment into our neighborhood parks and further improve the quality of life for more of our citizens.


A summary of these enhancements is as follows:


Cherry Valley Park…resurfaced walking trail & new playground

Brookhaven Park…resurfaced walking trail, new pavilion & new bridge

Jim Saucier Park...resurfaced walking trail

Greenbrook Lake Park…resurfaced walking trail & new playground

Hal Guthrie Park…resurfaced walking trail, new pavilion & new playground

Summerwood Park…new pavilion

Southern Pines Park…new pavilion & new bridge

Swinnea Park…new pavilion

W.E. Ross Park…resurfaced walking trail

Ross Pointe Farms Park…new 10-ft multi-use trail & new pavilion

Trinity Pointe Park…resurfaced walking trail, new pavilion & new bridge

Plum Point Park…new walking trail & new pavilion

Central Park…resurfaced walking trail with expanded route, new 10-ft multi-use trail connecting Swinnea & Tchulahoma, new pavilion & two new bridges

Snowden House Front Yard Park…resurfaced walking trail  


Construction is projected to start near May 1 with completion in February, 2024. In addition to this project, new rubberized surfaces will be added to several playgrounds and general playground equipment maintenance will continue as needed, funded by our general fund budget line specifically for neighborhood parks.  


Mar 08

Grand Reopening of the BankPlus Amphitheater

Posted on March 8, 2023 at 10:07 AM by Darren Musselwhite

It’s time!  Please mark your calendars now and join me for the grand reopening ceremony of our newly-enhanced BankPlus Amphitheater on Thursday, April 20 at 2:00 PM at the top of the bowl (back/west stairway entrance).  At 7:00 PM later that evening, we will try out our new “digs” as Better Than Ezra performs with Sister Hazel and Ingram Hill.  Tickets go on sale on Friday, March 10 at 10:00 AM at the following link:  This event will truly be GRAND as we kickoff the weekend of our Springfest celebration!


The City of Southaven made the decision in 2021 to delay concerts as we made a tremendous investment into our facility to modernize it for the purpose of bringing bigger, better, and more entertainment acts to our venue!  It’s now time to celebrate as we’re finally back with a great concert lineup for this season!


Come enjoy a better concert experience!


Our facility now has increased permanent seating capacity from 3,900 to approximately 9,865 (10,288 total), still leaving a small artificial grassy area; doubled bathroom capacity; new concession buildings on the west and south sides with new gate entrances; an air-controlled lounge with interior and exterior seating; new premium boxes for group seating including terrace tables; a commissary for better and faster food and beverage distribution; a café for the artists; a new merchandise sales canopy near the main entrance; and improved convenience and security at all entrances.


Meet you out here!




Mar 08

Jon Reeves, Tribute Hall Honoree

Posted on March 8, 2023 at 10:06 AM by Darren Musselwhite

As I honor the special people who’ve made exemplary contributions to Southaven in our history, none span more than Jon Reeves!  He began serving our citizens in the community of Southaven in 1962 and is still invested in our business community today.


After an admirable military career in the U.S. Army, Mr. Reeves and his soon-to-be bride were looking for a place to start their future journey together when he was offered his first civilian job by successful multi-enterprise business entrepreneur, Cary Whitehead, and his company, Allied Investment Company.  Allied, who later changed their name to Allied Mortgage and Development Company, played a key role in the initial development of Southaven with utilities, home construction, and mortgage services for many of the very first homeowners from their office on Highway 51 just north of Stateline Rd.  Mr. Reeves started a connection with Southaven with this first job in 1962 providing mortgage services.  


Mr. Whitehead saw something special in the young Jon Reeves and made him his “go-to” man for many new business ventures, never worrying about experience but requiring him to be quick on his feet and learn with on-the-job training.  One of these ventures was building Holiday Inns around the country.  While on the east coast overseeing hotel construction, Mr. Reeves and his new bride built their first home.  Before construction was final, they had an offer from a prospective buyer.  Since their home was not for sale, Mr. Reeves agreed to build another home just like it for that person, which further resulted in a third request.  Then, as we say, “the rest was history”.


Jon Reeves was assigned by Cary Whitehead in the ‘60s to assist in building Allied’s new office building.  After completion, he worked in an office next to Mr. Whitehead on the 4th floor of this new building that later became and still is, Southaven City Hall.  In the late ‘60s, along with fellow Allied employee, Bob Williams, he operated a produce business called, “The Market Place”, at the location of the original Allied offices on Highway 51.  After a few years, the partners closed this business and created R&W Builders which later became Reeves-Williams, one of the largest residential home builders in Southaven’s history.  After selling Reeves-Williams in the early 2000s, Mr. Reeves has continued to develop both residential and commercial properties in Southaven and has been a mentor and friend to countless other business people in our city.


While reflecting on his life in Southaven, Mr. Reeves smiled when he told me that he commonly has people approach him and say, “Hey, you built my home”.  As he looked back even more, he said, “I’ve always been a part of Southaven from the beginning and 90% of my life has been Southaven”. 


And, for that, Sir, Southaven is grateful!