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Dec 16

Soccer at Snowden Grove

Posted on December 16, 2019 at 4:41 PM by Melitta Duncan

Since Snowden Grove Park was built in 1999, the City has experienced unparalleled success with the baseball operation.  Along the way, the BankPlus Amphitheater was built and then later renovated with a stage enclosure and improved acoustic system.  The pace has been accelerated in recent years to diversify our park to further improve the appeal to even more interests.  Tennis was expanded along with the first-ever formal tennis program.  The Field of Dreams playground was completed earlier this year and both the Springfest Pavement/Landscaping Project and 10-foot multi-use trail extending throughout the park are currently under construction.

While Snowden has provided countless hours of enjoyment for so many, it has also become a significant economic asset for our city.  Direct revenue exceeding $2 million annually is generated by operations and incorporated into the City’s general fund with an additional tourism impact exceeding $11 million annually and an overall estimated economic impact of more than double this number.  Economic development continues to occur in this geographic area of our city largely because of the energy and demand created by our park.  The financial wherewithal generated by Snowden not only allows it to subsidize the upkeep of all other parks in our city, but also continues to provide revenues incorporated back into the City’s General Fund which improve amenities throughout our city.  Whether or not a citizen uses this park, they still receive the benefits of the economic impact created by it in the form of higher property values and stabilized property tax rates.

Snowden Grove Park has still not reached its potential both as a park and economic driver.  Our newest enhancement is soccer.  Soccer is in demand!  Many of our own citizens and many other people in our region travel to Memphis, other North Mississippi cities, and much further to play every year.  Soccer offers many opportunities for our youth and has the potential to have the same tourism draw as the baseball and tennis operation.  Construction recently began to add 7 new fields on the park property just north of the bowling alley on Snowden Lane.   Capitalizing on the demand of Snowden Grove Park, these new fields will allow the City to bring more traffic and use to the 5 existing fields on Stateline Road as well with both tournament and league play.

The awarded bid for the construction of the new fields was $4,430,272 with total including the concession/bathroom/office facility, to be bid later, projected just under $5 million.  This enhancement is completely funded by tourism taxes and projected to be completed in late 2020. 

Get ready for “Soccer at Snowden Grove”!