Mayor's Report

Mar 19

[ARCHIVED] Our Community Must Come Together!

The original item was published from March 19, 2020 4:22 PM to March 20, 2020 12:39 PM

An update to our Covid-19 Risk Management Plan…

It’s imperative that we all come together as a team now to minimize the risk of this virus to all of us!  So many have already pulled together and taken significant risk-management actions in our cities, county, schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, and homes.  I’ve never had any doubt that Southaven and all of Desoto County would rise to the occasion and do our part to protect our way of life!  I thank you and commend you already for an excellent job.

I will always talk straight with you and need to call attention to a serious concern.  While most in our community have done what I knew they would in following the advice of public health experts, we still have some that are taking the risk of mass gatherings entirely too lightly.  We will get through this, but need everyone to take this matter seriously to keep the statistics on our side.  Now is the critical time to limit gatherings of people and practice a strategy of statistics which has proven to control pandemics similar to this in the past.  You can still live your life and do business, but just make adjustments and do it wisely.  We truly are in this together and everyone’s behavior affects all of us.

The United States Surgeon General continues to stress the importance of the significant difference we can make in just a few weeks in flattening the risk curve of a pandemic over-run of our healthcare facilities.  The sacrifices we make now will help us all return to the normal lives we love sooner.

Will you be a good teammate?

Will you make a temporary sacrifice to protect the lives of our immuno-deficient and elderly citizens that we love so much?

Will you consider the needs of your fellow man in everything you do?

Will you join me in checking priorities?

Tough times truly do not last, but tough people do!