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Apr 16


Posted on April 16, 2020 at 5:14 PM by Darren Musselwhite

As I continue to evaluate new data both nationally and locally, I bring you hope today.  We are not “in the clear” yet, but we’ve made significant progress! Many of the unknown threats that we worried about just 30 days ago have proven to not be as severe as expected.  The first priority was to slow the spread and prevent an over-run of our healthcare facilities.  We have done this thus far.  Our citizens have made many sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic and have come together to minimize our public health risk and flatten the curve of this feared over-run. 

Again, I stress that we are not all the way home yet and must continue to be smart, but I want you to be assured that I am studying the other health risks as well as the economic risks that these extreme efforts have created for our city.

It’s time to plan our comeback!

We need hope and more defined timelines for what the next few weeks will require of us.  I have a clear plan with detailed timelines that I will propose to our Board of Aldermen and you very soon.  Governor Reeves will update us tomorrow, Friday, April 17 on the future of his “Shelter-in-Place” Order.  The City must wait on this information to verify that our plan is in compliance with state law and orders, but will then reveal what our specific plan looks like, including more specific timelines.

Until then, I challenge you to remember that none of this is a perfect science.  Just like you, I’ve tried to sift through what is proving to be real and what has proven to be inaccurate data.  Along with our Board of Aldermen and my staff, I’ve placed the safety of our people as the number-one priority and given my best effort to ensure it.

Hang in there with me!


With the most concern and respect,

Mayor Darren Musselwhite