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Oct 28

[ARCHIVED] Police Body Cameras

The original item was published from October 28, 2020 2:59 PM to October 28, 2020 3:01 PM

Recently, the City entered an agreement with Axon to implement the use of body cameras for all of our police officers for the first time in our history.  The cost of this lease program is $185,000 annually in which Axon provides the City complete maintenance of the equipment, data redaction capabilities, and data storage.

 The City has been researching and planning this implementation for several years, but had concerns about the safety of our officers having to manually turn on cameras in dangerous, time-sensitive settings; the privacy of our citizens with inadvertent footage; and the cost of storing data.  Axon is a leader in this technology that has advanced tremendously in recent years and now has a program that has resolved all of these concerns.

Our objective with this program has a two-pronged purpose:

1) To ensure the utmost standards of professionalism by our Police

2) To protect our Police and City from ridiculously false accusations that are commonplace in our society now, which we have experienced firsthand in recent years

We expect this program to be 100% implemented within 45 days.