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Jun 16

Historical Marker Signs

Posted on June 16, 2022 at 3:21 PM by Melitta Duncan

Celebrating our History!


Have you ever noticed that you don’t see many historical markers in Southaven? Most cities in America use signs to tell the story about special places in their history.  Southaven is just 42 years old, which is actually very young for a city, but even still we have some special places that have historical value.  These signs truly do “tell the story” and bring back special memories for many of our citizens.  Our city has grown tremendously since our inception, so many of our citizens are not even aware of much of our history.  These signs will provide historical education for these citizens and increase pride in “our story” for many.


In the near future, we will install signs similar to the one shown in the attached photo at historical locations.  Obviously, these locations will be where Southaven started in our early years.  Just to name a few, many will know “the story” of special locations such as:


The Donnie Woods Field


The Jaycee Pool


“The Hole” at Caprock Cove Park


Cherry Valley Park


The Jago Community


“The Tree” on Stateline Road


The Chickasaw Indian Trail


We have a great city now with a great past also!  Let’s celebrate our history! 

Historical Marker