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Aug 31

Purple Heart Trail

Posted on August 31, 2022 at 3:34 PM by Melitta Duncan

It always ignites my sense of pride in our country and all the military service people who’ve made major sacrifices for our freedom when any action to honor them and their service occurs.  It is so special to me to be involved in a small way in designating Church Road from Highway 51 to our eastern City limits as part of the official “Purple Heart Trail”.


Bob Buntyn and James Gore led this effort and made it happen for us in Southaven.  Mr. Buntyn served in numerous amphibious groups in the U.S. Navy from 1969-1973 with significant missions in Danang, Vietnam and Okinawa, Japan.  He served on nine different ships during two tours of duty with detailed responsibilities as a crypto-communications specialist.  Mr. Gore deployed with the 1st Marine Division, 7th Marine Regiment, 2nd Battalion Weapon Platoon in November, 1968 with responsibilities in two major land operations in the Vietnam War, Meade River and Taylor Commons.  He was wounded in the Taylor Commons conflict and after several operations, retired from military service in October, 1969.


Thank you to all Purple Heart recipients!  Although this is an award that none of you wanted, the fact that you were willing to receive it shows your true heroism.  When you drive through Southaven, know that we appreciate your tremendous sacrifices and for exemplifying why we are the “home of the brave”!

Purple Heart Trail