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Oct 31

Revitalization and Beautification Plan

Posted on October 31, 2014 at 3:18 PM by Darren Musselwhite

Revitalization and beautification has begun in our City.  Among my priorities as Mayor is the goal to not only preserve, but improve the property values, general aesthetic value, and quality of life in our City.  To me, it comes down to two simple questions:

What do you want your City to be?
If you were visiting here, would you want to live here?

Improving the aesthetic value of our City plays a large role in our comprehensive success in the future.

This is a lengthy process, but we have started...

Traffic Signal and Mast Arm Painting...You will notice that the process has begun to paint these at our intersections.  We've started on our west end and will move southward and eastward with this project.

Stateline/Highway 51 Landscaping Project...We are waiting on approval from MDOT and then will begin planting the islands at this intersection.

Consistent Decorative Lightpoles and Other General Improved Aesthetic Standards on Streets and New Developments

Street Asphalt Overlay...We've recently completed a schedule to repave streets that are in need.  Our first is Stateline Road from Highway 51 to Northwest Drive.

Encourage the Removal of Vacant Signs...Some have already been removed on Stateline Road.

Encourage Renovation of Vacant Buildings and Bring New Business Back to Stateline Road...This is a challenging process, but I believe Stateline can be a great place to bring new business again.

Please join me in making a better Southaven!