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Sep 14

Stateline/Getwell Monument Sign

Posted on September 14, 2022 at 4:45 PM by Melitta Duncan

This sign was completed last week and may be our most beautiful yet!  The contractor and landscaper did a great job with this one.


We started this program as part of a larger beautification plan a few years back.  This high-traffic, high-profile location will add to our others at Stateline/I-55/Northwest Drive, Star Landing/I-55, and Goodman/Malone which are the highest traffic-count entrances to our city.


These signs have caught the attention of many who’ve traveled to our beautiful city; make a bold statement about the pride we have in our home and attention to excellence; and play a part in our economic attractiveness and the success we are currently experiencing.


I’m proud of our city!  I hope you are too and appreciate this touch!