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Oct 20


Posted on October 20, 2022 at 3:32 PM by Melitta Duncan

What the heck is pickleball?  That’s what I said just a few years ago!  It’s not a new sport, but one of the hottest on the planet right now.  If you marry tennis and ping-pong, then you’ve got it!  However you explain it, it’s coming to our Parks and Recreation program in Southaven for the first time ever very soon.
Although we continue to be proud of our baseball, softball, football and cheerleading roots, our program now includes tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf, disc golf, modernized playgrounds, concerts, festivals, holiday events, senior services, pedestrian/bike trails, and now pickleball.  We continue to expand one of the best park programs in the country to appeal to the diversified interests of more of our citizens and encourage everyone to enhance their individual quality of life by getting out and staying active.
Get your paddles ready!