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Dec 08

[ARCHIVED] LED Street light Conversion

The original item was published from December 8, 2022 3:03 PM to December 8, 2022 3:06 PM

Recently, Entergy started a large and lengthy project to convert the light fixtures in the City’s street lights to the most modern LED lighting.  Entergy owns the light poles and fixtures of most street lights in Southaven.  The timeline for this project has many contingencies, but is projected to be complete in mid-2025.  Although all new fixtures installed throughout the City will have this new lighting, I’ve asked Entergy to start the conversion of existing fixtures in our older residential neighborhoods and arterial roads.  Therefore, the sequence of the majority of conversion has begun in Ward 1 and will proceed in order of ward.


This project will provide multiple key benefits for our city.  Lighting is obviously a key factor with traffic safety, but is also a significant deterrent for criminal activity.  LED bulbs provide brighter lighting with a broader scope as well.  In addition, the life span of LED bulbs is tremendously longer than what we’ve had which will minimize outages and allow Entergy to reduce turnaround times for repair after outages are reported.


Until this conversion has been completed, please continue to report outages directly to Entergy for the most efficient service.




Phone:  1-800-ENTERGY

Phone App:  “My Entergy”