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Nov 20

Plum Point Avenue Road Closing

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 4:44 PM by Darren Musselwhite

Update...After a two-week public notice and hearing, the Board passed a resolution on November 18 to close the road at the bridge location for the bridge removal.  This project will be completed by private developers with an estimated completion time frame of 90 days. 

After receiving professional recommendations from multiple engineering consultants to improve drainage, the City of Southaven wants to hear any objections before executing plans to remove the bridge over Horn Lake Creek "Lateral D" on Plum Point Avenue near Airways Road.

This proposed closing would only close the road at the bridge and Plum Point Avenue would still be functional from Elmore to the creek on the east side and Airways to the creek on the west side.

This is part of a larger plan to reduce the risk of flooding for the Plum Point subdivision residents as the creek will be cleaned and enlarged.  The removal of the bridge will allow optimum drainage flow in the area.

We have verified that this project will not jeopardize our ability to provide Police, Fire, and EMS protection to the community and traffic studies have already been completed to verify that problems would not be created in this area as well. 

Signs are posted at the proposed site and citizens are encouraged to express any reservations to the City by phone, email, or attendance at the November 4 and November 18 Board meetings at 6:00 PM.