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Jun 22

Police East Precinct

Posted on June 22, 2023 at 11:24 AM by Melitta Duncan

The current Police East Precinct on May Blvd just east of Getwell is a 2,600 square ft. facility that the City has used for many years, but it has limitations because of its size and has been used just to house our Traffic Division.  With the City’s tremendous growth to the east, we’ve known that eventually we would need a facility that can function as a full-service east precinct.  Because of economic demand, our current property is much more valuable if used in other ways.  The Silo Square private developer approached us with an offer to acquire our property in exchange for property he owned in Silo Square very near the actual silo.


The deal is outstanding for both parties for the following reasons:


The City gives the 1.81 acre parcel of land appraised at $700K and $1.5 million for the construction of a new building.


The City receives a 1.69 parcel of land at Silo Square and a new 10,000 square ft. fully-constructed building appraised at $3.135 million.


The City gains $935K in equity immediately with this transaction and private developer gains property with better economic potential and opportunity.


The new Police station will make our entire Police operation more efficient as arrests can be booked here instead of time costs of transporting across to our headquarters, which ultimately puts our officers back on the streets more quickly.  It prepares us to meet the challenges of growth in the Snowden entertainment district and entire eastern part of our city.  It will also improve morale and recruiting/retention for our team as it will offer the most current, cutting-edge amenities for our officers.


I’ve signed this contract today and we expect completion of our new facility and relocation of our operations in late 2024.