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Dec 17

BankPlus Naming Rights and Sponsorship @ Snowden Grove Park

Posted on December 17, 2014 at 3:27 PM by Darren Musselwhite

It is such a privilege to announce that the City of Southaven and BankPlus have reached an agreement for a naming rights and sponsorship package for multiple venues at Snowden Grove Park.  Effective January 1, 2015...

  • The name of the Parks building will become the BankPlus Sports Center.
  • The name of the Amphitheater will become the BankPlus Amphitheater @ Snowden Grove.
  • The Dizzy Dean World Series will be presented by BankPlus and the televised 12-year old baseball championship game will be played on BankPlus Field, which is Field #13 at the C Complex.

In exchange for this 10-year advertising value, the City of Southaven will receive $1,000,000 from BankPlus with $325,000 payable in year one and $75,000 payable annually in the subsequent 9 years.  The City will receive an additional $75,000 in year one to be used for the signage amendments.

Snowden Grove Park has been the model for many other municipalities in the Southeast to follow and still ranks second to none in facilities and field playing surface.

The Snowden Grove Amphitheater has become one of the Mid-South's most popular entertainment venues.  In 2015, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary and expect the best entertainment lineup in the facility's history.

Snowden Grove Park has been a proven success for our City, but we are committed to making our Parks and Recreation operation even better and taking it to another level!  Recently, we've done the following...

  • Secured a 10-year contract extension to host all age groups of the Dizzy Dean Baseball and Softball World Series.
  • Approved construction to add a stage enclosure to the Amphitheater with video display boards and aesthetic improvements.
  • Approved plans to add a Senior Center to the current Parks building.
  • Completed a new gift shop and cooking pavilion to improve Greenbrook Park.
  • Completed plans to amend one baseball field at Snowden Grove Complexes A, B, and C to create championship-style stadiums with chair-back seating as well as add improved concession and bathroom facilities.

I would like to express my appreciation to our Parks and Recreation Director Wes Brown, City Administrator Chris Wilson, BankPlus Chief Marketing Officer Rob Armour, and BankPlus Desoto County President Worth Steen for all of their work in bringing this partnership together.  Finally, thanks to BankPlus CEO William Ray and the entire BankPlus organization for partnering with the City of Southaven to help us continue to prepare our youth for their future with the lessons they learn on our sports fields that transcend the game itself; and improve the quality of life, in general, in our great City.