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Apr 06

West End and Snowden Business Districts

Posted on April 6, 2015 at 9:54 AM by Darren Musselwhite

new districts - West End District & Snowden District

 February 19, 2015 Update

This update is to clarify my original report regarding the fact that these districts are strictly business districts.  They have zero to do with residential neighborhoods or any division of our citizens or City in general.  The sole purpose of these business districts is to highlight key assets and unique characteristics of our City to promote economic development which ultimately contributes to the well-being and overall success of our entire City.  This is a common practice used by many cities throughout our country.  It is also important to note that these two districts include two small areas of our City and there are plans to develop other key districts within our City in the future.

February 17, 2015 Original Report

Resolutions were recently passed that will create districts in two special parts of our City.  This action is consistent with a larger plan to revitalize and beautify our City.  The pride that we have in our City will be exemplified by our formal designation of these districts and the aesthetic and economic improvements that will follow within their respective boundaries.

The West End District...

The geographic boundaries of this district are Stateline Rd. eastward from Highway 51 to Airways Blvd. and Highway 51 southward to Dorchester Dr.  This is "Original Southaven" and includes the original business district, functions as the northern gateway to our City and the State of Mississippi, and remains vital to the overall success of our City.  The following economic incentives are in place for new business entities to encourage revitalization within this district:

  1. Tax exemption from all City ad valorem taxes (excluding those for school district purposes) for 7 years for new business entities building new structures or renovating existing structures
  2. Waiver of business license fees
  3. Waiver of building permit fees
  4. Waiver of sewer and water tap fees

The Chamber of Commerce will also provide a list of its own incentives as well as help the City promote the development and revitalization of this district.

The Snowden District...

The geographic boundaries of this district are Getwell Rd. southward from Goodman Rd. to Church Rd.  This "Getwell Corridor" has become very important to the overall success and growth of our City with successful businesses; restaurants; the BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove which has become one of the most popular outdoor entertainment venues in the Mid-South; and Snowden Grove Park which is known as one of the best municipal parks and youth baseball complexes in the nation. The entertainment value and character of this district have created tremendous demand for future economic development.

Both of these districts will be identified by banners displayed throughout each district and beautification plans in both will include painted traffic signal mast arms, special landscaping, decorative light poles, and sidewalks.

Finally, I have pride in our City and hope that our citizens share my excitement in making "A Better Southaven"!