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May 03

Serve Southaven "Serve Day"

Posted on May 3, 2018 at 9:38 AM by Darren Musselwhite

This Saturday, May 5, will be the first ever “Serve Day” for our “Serve Southaven” community outreach program.  We’ve been waiting on this day for a long time. 

In 2013, I knew that our city had many people that needed help, but what I didn’t know was how many people in our city sincerely wanted to give and help others.  Usually, I can “connect the dots” and know quickly why people want to speak to me.  Most of the time, they are asking for my help and are seeking what I can do for them and that is certainly OK.  However, it was so stunning and refreshing when I kept wondering when “the ask” was coming from some people, but it never did.  They truly just wanted to give.  This is what led to the formation of our “Serve Southaven” programI want to acknowledge and thank Andrew Perry for sharing the vision of this program, naming it, and helping start it before he underestimated the demands of new babies and parenthood!   In 2014, a committee was formed that developed the original branches of service that this program would provide.  A special thank you and acknowledgement to:

     -Pastor Patrick Conrad with Life Fellowship Church

     -Pastor Bartholomew Orr with Brown Missionary Baptist Church

     -Pastor James Lewis with Desoto Hills Baptist Church

     -Pastor Bill Beavers with Getwell Road Church

 We hope to expand services as needed, but the current branches of service are:

     -Beautification (Adopt-a-Neighborhood, Street, Intersection, or Subdivision    


     -Emergency Aid

     -Food Distribution

     -Youth Interaction

-     Elderly and Special Needs

Since 2014, our program was functional, but it became apparent we needed a director to help our program reach its full potential.   We needed someone that not only possessed a servant’s heart, but someone with extreme organizational and people skills, and an incredible work ethic.  We not only found a director, but the perfect director in Tracy Gallagher!  Thank you Tracy for your incredible efforts leading Serve Southaven!

Thanks in advance to all of our volunteers who will give their time this Saturday and further into the future to beautify our city and serve those in need!

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