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Jan 20

Tom Long Police Training Center

Posted on January 20, 2016 at 11:11 AM by Darren Musselwhite

The City of Southaven passed a resolution last night to honor our retiring Police Chief Tom Long for his outstanding service and dedication to our City by renaming the Police Training Center as the Tom Long Police Training Center.  Chief Long was one of the initial police officers hired in 1980 when Southaven incorporated as a city.  He has served as our Police Chief since 1989 and is one of the most respected law enforcement officials in the country.

I wouldn't even begin to try to do justice to this man's career with words and I am so unworthy to be the guy to give tribute to him, but I am honored to have the chance and do want to say a few words as to what I see with Tom Long.

First of all, this guy is just simply "as cool as the other side of the pillow".  He is admired and respected by so many people that have crossed paths with him over the years.  Tom Long is one of the greatest leaders our City has ever known.  Wikipedia and Google both called us and asked if they could use his picture for the word “leader” because he is the epitome of leadership.   It speaks loudly of his character in that even now he runs from personal commendation, but unselfishly acknowledges others.  Like all great leaders, he always placed his organization’s welfare above his own evidenced by the fact that he even prepared us for this day and is leaving us in great hands.  He believes in teams instead of hierarchies and has spent years leading by example and setting a standard that will benefit our Police Department and City for many years to come.  Finally, if you asked me what makes this guy so special and different, above all I would say that he possesses a unique combination of toughness with kindness and compassion for people.  He has been a mentor and friend to so many, including me, and will be greatly missed, but we understand his need to move on with other priorities in life and wish him well.