Mayor's Report

Apr 23

[ARCHIVED] Right-of-Way Landscape Maintenance

The original item was published from April 23, 2018 5:05 PM to April 23, 2018 5:18 PM

“The Mayor likes the grass tight!”  There could not be a more accurate statement.  I like the grass cut everywhere and want our roads and intersections to look great.  I believe little things make a big difference and I am committed to improving the look of our city.  On my watch, every day is “beautification day” in Southaven!

When the current budget was adopted for our Fiscal Year ’18 last October, the Board of Aldermen supported my recommendation to bring this service back “in house” instead of contracting with private contractors.   The reason for this was to improve quality control and simply make our road right-of-ways look better with more frequent cuts and attention to detail.  We do still use a private contractor for certain manicured right-of-ways and public grounds that require planting and other detailed maintenance.  The City purchased approximately $325,000 in equipment and hired 6 new Public Works personnel that are also cross-trained to improve other street services in non-growth months.  Our crews are doing an outstanding job so far and we hope to make our city look even better as the summer months approach.

There is a fine line between mediocrity and excellence.  Let’s be excellent in Southaven!