Mayor's Report

Jun 08

[ARCHIVED] Mayor's Community Pride Team

The original item was published from June 8, 2018 3:23 PM to June 21, 2018 4:54 PM

Will you be on my team?

Two of my biggest priorities in leading the City of Southaven have been to make our city more economically attractive and aesthetically attractive.  Most of the time, these two go together as one.  Having pride in anything you do will improve your organization and person.  Specifically, beautification and pride of ownership have a direct economic impact on the general health of our city by improving property values, deterring crime, and improving the economic demand for our city.  Little things truly make a big difference and there is always a fine line between mediocrity and excellence.

We are fortunate in Southaven that we have many people and organizations that understand the importance of these priorities.  I want to acknowledge and show appreciation for these people and organizations by a new program of giving “Community Pride Awards”.  Everyone that receives this award will be a member of my “Mayor’s Community Pride Team”.  This is not a competition and there is not a limit to the amount of team members.  The more that we have working together in this effort, the better our city will be.  The award will come in the form of a certificate followed by a public announcement from me after obtaining the property owner’s permission.  I love seeing progress in our city and am excited about seeing this effort grow in both residential neighborhoods and commercial zones.

Who’s going to be my first team member?

Stay tuned!