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Sep 13

Seal Coating (Street Resurfacing)

Posted on September 13, 2018 at 12:16 PM by Darren Musselwhite

The City has begun the process of changing all of our streets back to gravel, instead of asphalt pavement.  We’ve started this process on Rasco and will appreciate your patience as we have over 1,100 streets city-wide to convert.

I gotcha, didn’t I?

Seriously, our seal coating process certainly looks this way, but obviously we understand the temporary inconvenience of the gray stone.  It is needed, however, for traction temporarily (3-5 days) while the sealant cures.  The sealant is applied with a broom finish over the entire surface of the old street to fill all of the cracks and preserve the structure of the street or road.  Unfortunately, this scrub seal emulsion is slippery, thus again creating the need for the gray stone.  After the sealant cures, a black micro seal top coat will be applied, followed by new striping, which will give us a completely resurfaced road.

This seal coating program has worked well for the City since we started using it a couple of years ago.  It provides a resurfaced road and extended lifespan for about 1/3 cost of new asphalt pavement.  This allows us to resurface more streets with the same amount of funding.  It can only be used on sections of the roadway that have minimal deterioration, though.

I sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue with our aggressive plan to improve street conditions throughout the City.