How do I open a business within an existing structure in Southaven?
The general process for opening a business is a multi-step procedure that involves a few different City departments. We work together to make it more convenient for the applicant. The steps listed below are not all inclusive but rather a general guide for many businesses. Some might require other steps depending on the complexity, size, or hazard class of the occupancy.

a) The first step is to consult with the Planning and Zoning Department to verify that the intended use is allowed at the location that has been chosen. In addition other City ordinances that affect the surrounding occupancies must be evaluated. A conditional use hearing might be required to consider a permit for the proposed use of the location. The Planning and Zoning Department will provide a checklist verifying the use has been approved for that specific location. This is not an approval to occupy or begin any work whatsoever.

b) Immediately following verification from the Planning and Zoning Department the applicant must consult with the Building Department for details related to any construction and the Certificate of Occupancy that must be issued for occupancy of any location within the City of Southaven. A use and occupancy permit will be issued to allow preparation for the Use and Occupancy inspection. All construction trades contractors will apply for permits for their scopes of work individually and obtain the proper inspections for that work. The Fire Prevention Bureau of the Southaven Fire Department and the Building Department will inspect the location when all work is complete and the space is ready to occupy. All parties will sign the checklist to indicate that all inspections were completed.

The completed checklist and inspection forms must be brought to the Building Department to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.

c) A business license can then be obtained from the City Clerk’s Office across the hall from the Building Department.

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