Where can I pay my water bill?
  • City Hall:
    8710 Northwest Drive: Walk-in, drive through, or drop box


  • 5813 Pepperchase Drive 
  • 939 Rasco Road in front of Tri-Firma Construction
  • 8525 Hwy 51 In front of the DeSoto County Tags Office
  • 3335 Pine Tar Alley in parking lot of Parks Building



As Mayor Musselwhite and City Department Heads continue to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic, strategic plans will continue to evolve and adjust to ensure the safety of our citizens and employees.  We ask that citizens help in this effort by utilizing alternate methods of conducting business with the city rather than face to face transactions at City Hall.  Effective today, access inside the Water Department office is now restricted.  The Water Department will conduct all business via the drive thru at City Hall.  For your convenience, payments can also be made the following ways:
Online https://southaven.munisselfservice.com/citizens/default.aspx
Bank Draft or USPS
Drop boxes (see list of locations) https://southaven.org/Faq.aspx?QID=93

For more information please call the main city line (662) 280-2489 or the Water Department directly at (662) 393-7353 or visit www.southaven.org.  

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1. Where can I pay my water bill?
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