Defensive Driving School

Youth Defensive Driving School

Defensive Driving School (DDS) is offered to anyone 21 years old or younger who received a moving violation but has not previously taken the defensive driving class in the past three (3) years. The youth does not usually need to appear in court to request the class unless the youth is not eligible to take the class due to the type of violation.  The youth (or parent) should contact the court clerk’s office for more information and to be set up for the class if they qualify.

Adult Defensive Driving School

DDS is offered to any adult who has not received a ticket in the past three (3) years. The adult must pay the full cost of the ticket plus a $10 admin fee as well as the tuition fee for the class.  Any adult who qualifies and wishes to take the class to keep the ticket from appearing on their MVR, should call the court clerk’s office.  Once the ticket and admin fee have been paid, the clerk will give the adult the information necessary to register for the class.

Class Schedules & Fees

Class schedules and tuition fees vary.  There is an online class that is available for most defendants.  Information about how to register for the class will be given to the defendant after they have contacted the court clerk’s office and have been set up for the class.

Upon Completion of the Class

It is the responsibility of the defendant to make sure the certificate of completion of the class is received by the court clerk’s office.

Once the certificate has been received by the court clerk, the ticket will be dismissed (in the youth's case) or 
not reported to the State (in the adult's case).

Failure to provide proof of completion of the class may result in a bench warrant being issued (in the youth’s case) or of being reported to the state as a conviction (in the adult’s case).