Planning & Development

Overseeing Development & Renovation

The Office of Planning and Development oversees construction throughout the City from the beginning conceptual stages to the final stage of completion. This construction includes commercial and residential buildings, road projects and also city-wide beautification projects. 

There are several steps in the approval process which encompass several departments including Planning, Engineering and Building. 

Additionally, this office supervises the Municipal Code Enforcement Department. 

The City of Southaven (“City”) Board of Aldermen voted on Tuesday, February 21, to suspend the enforcement of the political sign portions of the City Sign Ordinance as set forth in the City Code of Ordinances. This suspension of enforcement includes City Ordinance Title XIII, Chapter 6, Section 13-6(b)(5) and the five (5) day time duration requirement in City Ordinance Title XIII, Chapter 6, Section 13-6(c)(7), as set forth in the City Code of Ordinances. All City review and
action taken in connection with the regulation and permit process as applied to political signs will be done in a content neutral manner and in the same manner as applied to all other signs and zoning districts.

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